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Extreme Fireworks !

First stand in Granbury from Fort Worth. Largest selection anywhere !
Artillery shells, Rockets, Missiles, Roman Candles, Smokers, Black Cat items & up to 500 gram multiple effect night displays.
Buy 1 get 1 Free ???

Don't fall for that slick trick.
When's the last time you bought a car and got one free ?

The Best Fireworks at the Best prices !
Bring in this ad and get
100 BLACK CAT for FREE with any $10 purchase or more. This year we expect nearly everyone to wait till the last day to buy since the 4th falls on a Friday, so shop before the 3rd for the best selection, miss the crowds and get ad offer doubled to:
Limit 1 offer per person please. Thanks !
10% discount on all orders over $100
15% discount on all orders over $200
20% discount on all orders over $500
so pool your money and save even more !!!